Necessities for an effective website

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Necessities for an effective website

Get a better bottom line with the next generation of sales-oriented websites. Cmsjet is an advanced website system. It is easy to use, fast, and more efficient to sell than any other CMS system. Cmsjet is designed to develop relationships and create sales. Therefore, you will not find the things we describe here in other website systems. Website development Canada has developed the following features for your website.

Search engine optimized website

Marketing has developed cmsjet to give our customers the best possible starting point for top rankings on the search engines. We have developed the system so that the HTML presented to Google presented the best possible way. While at the same time, Website development Canada ordinary visitors experience an easy and clear website.


Autoresponder is used for automatically sending out newsletters and is a free add-on module to the newsletter module in cmsjet. Suppose you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors. And be more efficient at selling, and then you should use an autoresponder.

This allows you to build a relationship with your potential customers in the form of emails. You continuously send to them fully automatically.

  1. Instead of 99% leaving your website again. You can get many more to sign up for your mailing list, where you give them information. The reason is that registration does not oblige them.
  2. This relationship will have a much larger percentage turn to you when they are ready. Even those researching at an early stage are in information retrieval mode.
  3. You can stop your potential customers in-flight – You can provide them with good and valuable information in the form of specific targeted emails.  


As an add-on module for Autoresponder, we have developed Serializer, which plays “seamlessly” with Autoresponder. This is the online part of Autoresponder and can contain, e.g., A video module that can only be seen by those who have clicked on the link in the corresponding e-mail. 

Experience you can trust, service you can count on.

  • Honest, Ethical & Reliable
  • Proven track record with over 99% success rate
  • Five-star Google and Facebook review rating

Template Builder

We have created a drag-and-drop Template Builder that makes it playfully easy in seconds to build a page layout of the elements you may want.You can continuously change your templates, after which these changes take effect on all the pages that already use this template.

Webshop module and online payment

The webshop module and the online payment module are part of cmsjet. And make it easy for your customers to buy and pay for their products and services.

Easy to use

It is unique because the system there is extremely easy to use. This is the surprising message we get again and again from our new CMS clients. Still, we have managed to maintain a simple and intuitive user interface.

Special development

It is constantly evolving; your wishes may be so special that you will not fully meet your needs. Website development services Canada can offer to develop functions and features in a website that exactly meet your needs. Our primary task is to develop your business to sell as much as possible. That’s why we help you with all aspects of your online sales – not just your website.

We also help you with Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Optimization, custom solution design, and programming. Together with all the other services, we provide the full benefit of cmsjet. This integration gives you a wide range of benefits that you can never achieve by purchasing specialized solutions from several individual suppliers.

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Do you want an Elegant Website and more traffic?

We are Web Swiggy, and our team is committed to providing interactive, engaging & bespoke Web Design and SEO Services.



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Web Swiggy provides bespoke website designing and development services across Canada. We have a qualified and experienced team of website designers and developers who will not only design your website but also knows how to make your website visible on the top pages of the Search Engines.

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Do you want an Elegant Website and more traffic?

We are Web Swiggy, and our team is committed to providing interactive, engaging & bespoke Web Design and SEO Services.